Government Degree College Kanda


Anti Drug Cell

The Anti Drug Cell of the college has been established for curbing drug trafficking and use of illegal substances inside the campus. An effective vigilant committee has been constituted in order to execute the functions of the cell and also to impart an awareness campaign against use of drugs in the campus.


  • To ensure a drug free campus
  • To educate and enable youth to reject illicit drugs.
  • To motivate the students to actively participate in awareness programmes conducted by the cell
  • To provide counseling for students who display tendencies towards drugs / alcohol use.


The duties of the anti-drug cell include organizing awareness programmes in the college and hostels with the help of government authorized agencies/ organizations. Educating the students about the ill-effects of drugs and alcohol, encouraging peer policing among students against the use of drugs and reporting of any noticed use of drugs by the students to the students affairs committee are also the duties of the anti-drugs cell.  

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