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About Sports Committee

“Sports do not build character, they reveal it”

                It is not the best group of individuals that wins, it’s the team that fits together the best that wins. Sports teaches us not only how to be a team player but also to lead and never give up. Through the help of sports, the committee strives to bring people together and build a vibrant sporting culture at GDC, Kanda. We believe that Sports is the best teacher in life, and it teaches us to take the challenge by the horn, step back if needed and jump high to score the winning basket. The Sports Committee plans and executes all the sporting events in the college. We are responsible for selecting the sports teams that will represent the institute along with the captains of the respective teams. We procure, maintain, and dispose-off of all sports inventory according to the lifecycle of the equipment. We diligently maintain records and prepare the sports budget for the institute. We are also responsible for identifying strategically important sporting events conducted and ensuring the participation of the sports contingent.

Play Hard, Play Fair!

The college team plans to participate in the following inter-collegiate tournaments:

1. Athletics

2. Football

3. Vollyball

4. Badminton

5. Boxing

6. Cricket

7. Kabaddi

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