Government Degree College Kanda

  1.  It is necessary for the students to strictly follow the dates in the notices issued by the college from time to time. 

  2. Students are responsible for maintaining peace and order in the campus and not disturbing classes.

  3. Students will contact in-charges concerned  for solving their problems. Under no circumstances, students will not be able to directly meet the principal.

  4. Necessary information are put on the notice board for running the college. Students are advised to pay attention to the notices put on the notice board.

  5. Students are expected to be disciplined and follow the following strictly:

  • Putting any kind of poster or banner in the college campus and boundary is prohibited.

  • Carrying any kind of firearms in the college campus is a crime and an FIR will be immediately lodged if a student is found with firearm.

  • Smoking in the college campus and spitting is prohibited.

  • College property is the property of students. Each student is duty bound to safeguard furniture.

  • Students of the college are expected to be aware about cleanliness and environment building in the college.

  • Parking vehicles near the main gate and college campus is a punishable offence. Each student will part his vehicle at the parking place only.

  • Use of mobile phones is prohibited in the college campus.

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